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Next time you’re in a store selling goggles take notice, you’ll see red frames with red lenses, green frames with green lenses and yellow frames with yellow lenses. Sure, they look great together, in the store. So you buy those awesome red frames with the beautiful red lens, and it’s snowing out and you can’t see a thing as the lens is just too dark and does not bring up any shadows; or you bought those crazy yellow goggles with that yellow lens that in the store just lit up your world, and it’s a bright sunny bluebird day, and you’re squinting so badly you can hardly open your eyes as the yellow lens is just too bright for the day.


Right off, this is why we prefer selling “goggle sets”, it’s the only way you know you’ll have the right lens for that day’s conditions and lighting. To explain different lenses, we’ll use our Barkeater 4S as great examples of what different lenses do and why having the right lens for the day is so important.



VLT % *

Lens Name


Outside (coating)

Inside (plating)



MEE, Mt Everest Edition

Bright sun

Silver mirror

Dark brown



Blue Zeelium™

Bright/moderate sun, lightly overcast, snowing

Blue Zeelium™

Medium brown



Smoke brown

Overcast, flat lighting, snowing, rain, icing

Dark brown

Light brown



Photochromatic (variable)

Varying sun, night, off-mountain/home use, not for flat lighting

Clear to dark

Clear to dark



* VLT %= Visual light transmission, the % of outside light is allowed in


Brown tone, what you see on the inside: With most of our lenses (all in this set other than the photochromatic), we use a brown tint (plating), what you see from the inside looking out. This is done for many reasons, the most important being “flat lighting” and the ability for the brown tint to “bring up shadows”. Whether using our super-dark 7.3% lens or the 26.2% model, these lenses are truly versatile due to the brown-tint. This tint helps eliminate the blue-light spectrum that causes “flat lighting”, also known as “blue light glare”. This spectrum of blue light is what makes that really hard to see days … really hard to see. By eliminating that spectrum of blue light we help eliminate what causes flat lighting and makes skiing/riding much safer and more enjoyable as you aren’t fighting visibility. Additionally, the brown tone boosts yellows and greens which is critical to good visibility. Your eyes can see more shades of green than any other color, so by boosting the greens we open more light-spectrum for you to see differences in, if you can see a difference then you’ll be able to see.


7.3% MEE, Mt Everest Edition lens: This lens, matched with the Photochromatic lens, went to the top of Mt Everest in 2016. This is a very dark lens, in fact, it is the darkest lens on the market for a set of ski/snowboard goggles yet you may not realize it. And that is one of the tricks behind this lens, you may not realize how dark it truly is.  This lens is so dark that if we didn’t play some (fun) games with the tinting you’d probably not be able to see very much at all, instead, this lens OPENS the world to you!  The lens itself has a silver-mirror coating on the outside (see Coatings below for more on them). This gives the lens most of its darkness, and really cool look. The silver-mirror is what others see “Outside Appearance”, what you see is the dark brown tint we apply on the inside of the lens (the plating). The brown tint on this lens is very dark but still has the ability to eliminate the blue-light spectrum causing blue-light glare/flat-lighting and bring up the yellows and greens nicely. Use this lens on bluebird-days and bright-bowls, but, drop into the trees and this lens opens a whole-new-world of tree skiing. The greens come up so much you’ll say “WOW” the first time you experience it, it is not subtle, you’ll notice it right away. Even though this lens is super-dark, the brown tone will bring up enough of yellow and green that you’ll still see just fine should some darkness roll in. You won’t want to ski/ride this lens if it starts to get really dark, but if some clouds come in you will NOT be lost with this amazing super-dark lens.

Versatility: bright/sunny days; light cloud cover; dry snow coming down; not recommended if raining/icing/wet-snowing.


18.4% Blue Zeelium™ lens: An amazingly versatile lens! Not quite as dark as the 7.3% MEE but works with the same technology using the brown tint. Have a variable day, big round cumulus clouds, some bright times, some hidden sun, maybe even some light snow, this lens is just fantastic in all of that. Note in the coatings section below our notes on using a Zeelium™ lens when snowing. This lens looks just awesome, especially when matched with the blue-frame, but remember, we aren’t selling goggles solely based on look, performance and safety first, looks second. We say this lens is good when lightly overcast as it is still pretty dark, but that brown tone makes it a very forgiving lens and you’ll find you can use it on bright and darker days. A great go-to lens when you just don’t know what to pick (this is the Smoke Brown are great for that).
Versatility: somewhat-bright/sunny days; light-medium cloud cover; bright-flat lighting; dry snow coming down; not recommended if raining/icing/wet-snowing.


26.2% Smoke Brown lens: One of our most popular lenses due to its ability to cut through flat lighting, the #1 hardest lighting to see in. You know those days that everything is just flat, you’re hitting ruts and moguls you didn’t see, things that look like moguls that are just piles of powder, or moguls that look like piles of powder which make you then say OH NO 😊 … for those days this is THE LENS!!! We tell people “if it’s a bad lighting day and you can’t see with this lens, then you won’t see with anything”, we also say “this lens will see better than any other lens on the mountain”. There are those days that it just doesn’t matter what lens you have, lighting is just tough and there is nothing you’ll be able to do. Short of that, this lens will give you better visibility than ANY OTHER LENS ON THE MARKET. This lens has no coating on the outside, no mirror, no Zeelium™, just the basic plating – which is scratch resistant. This is a big reason we also love this lens in bad (good) weather, you can scratch at it, scrape it with your gloves, hit it with tree branches, drop it in the lodge … and you can nick the lens but you cannot scratch it, that is, you will never see those long scratch marks in this lens nor a worn off coating that other lenses are subject to (from all manufacturers).
Versatility: darker-sunny days; light-heavy/dark cloud cover; flat lighting; highly recommended if raining/icing/wet-snowing.

30-84% Photochromatic lens: This lens, matched with the 7.3% MEE lens, went to the top of Mt Everest in 2016. The most versatile lens? So you’d think, but it isn’t. Photochromatic, or variable-darkness lenses are great when used in the right situations, when used where it shouldn’t be and you could be in for a shock. We like to point this out, each lens is great for its intended use and some are move versatile than others. This lens has no coating which means when it is in light-mode it is practically clear and in dark-mode it’s a dark smoke black that will block light, but it will not bring up shadows/tones/greens like the brown tinted lenses will. If you are dealing with a darker-day with flat lighting, use the Smoke Brown. Night skiing/riding is a great usage for this lens, we have many customer who use this for night-skinning and say it’s just the best for that. This lens has no coatings, no mirror, no Zeelium™ – which makes it a scratch resistant lens. This is the 2nd lens in the 2-lens set that went to the top of Mt Everest matched with the 7.3% Silver Mirror, this lens was used for all night climbing. Darkness, other than caused by flat lighting, is a great time to use this lens – even snowblowing/shoveling the driveway/playing in the snow, anytime eye protection is also needed (which is always if in snow).

Versatility: darker/variable days; light-heavy/dark cloud cover not caused by flat lighting; highly recommended if raining/icing/wet-snowing.


Coatings: Coatings are what others see on the outside of the lens when looking at you wearing them. We have 3 types of lenses, non-coated lenses such as the Smoke Brown and Photochromatic, Zeelium™ coating such as the Blue Zeelium™ and Silver Mirror coating such as the MEE. The non-coated lenses are scratch resistant, that is, you can nick them but you cannot scratch them. Small nicks are very hard to see although in the right (wrong) lighting you may be able to slightly see them. The Zeelium™ and Silver Mirror coatings are very soft by nature and will scratch and wear off if not treated properly. When you see Zeelium™ lenses that are all worn-away, that’s from them being mistreated. The coating work great but you must care for them properly or your lenses will get scratched and worn. Fortunately, we don’t charge what other companies do for replacement lenses so if/when you do mess them up you won’t mind it if you need to replace one now and then.


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